Past Roundups

Roundup: August 9 2023, The Historic Cookbook: The Spanish Chef
Roundup: July 2023, Archeology and the Denial of Indigenous Heritage 1876-1906
Roundup: May 10 2023, Pancho Barns
Roundup: April 12 2023, Rim to River, Looking into the Heart of Arizona
Roundup: March 8 2023, Woman of Yosemite and the National Parks Movement
Roundup: February 8 2023, Old West Shotin’ Irons, 1542-1923
Roundup: January 11 2023, Ronald Reagan Presidential Archive
Roundup: December 14, 2022, Postcards from Mecca
Roundup: November 9 2022, John Butterfield and the Overland Oil Route (Hat Night)
Roundup: September 14 2022, The California Burger Joints, Diners, Fast Food Restaurants that Changed America
Roundup: August 10 2022, Archiving Pioneer Women and Their Things
Roundup: March 9, 2022, The Life of Daniel Murphy
Roundup: March 10 2021, Around the Horn to California on the Clan Buchanan
Roundup: September 1 2020, Recent Discovery of the USCG Cutter McCulloh off Point Conception, North Santa Barbara
Roundup: March 11 2020, The Founding of the Society of Colonial Wars in Los Angeles in 1895
Roundup: February 12 2020, Wild West Gunslingers: Short Biographies of Various Gunmen, Lawmen, Feuds, and their Outcomes
Roundup: January 8 2020, Stories: The Myths, the Facts, and the Realities (ECV Night)
Roundup: December 11, 2019, Wyatt and Josie Earp: Fact, Fiction, and Myth
Roundup: November 13, 2019, Los Angeles City Hall: An American Icon (Hat Night)
Roundup: September 11, 2019, Glen Dawson, a Man of Many Interests
Roundup: August 14, 2019, Bernardo de Galvez, Defender of the Old Southwest
Roundup: July 10, 2019, Western Eyes, Western Skies: A Cultural and Environmental History of Air in the American West
Roundup: May 8, 2019, A Tragic Event in the History of Griffith Park
Roundup: April 10, 2019, Downey’s Aerospace History from Biplanes to Missiles to the Moon
Roundup: March 13, 2019, Treasures of the Los Angeles City Archives
Roundup: February 13, 2019, One Hump or Two: The Commercial Use of Camels in the Western United States
Roundup: January 9, 2019, Exiles and Saints at Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii
Roundup: November 14, 2018, The Disappearing West: Just how much “West” is there in Country Western Dance? (Hat Night)
Roundup: September 12 2018, The Santa Fe Railway
Roundup: August 8, 2018, Passage to Eldoardo: The Pioneering Photographs of the Mojave Road by Rudolph d’Heureuse in 1863
Roundup: July 11, 2018, Challenging the Veracity of Gold Rush Era History in California and Nevada