Brand Books

Since 1948, the Los Angeles Corral of the Westerners has published 25 editions of The Brand Book, featuring articles and artwork by many leading Western historians and artists. Most of the Brand Books have only been issued in limited editions, primarily for our own membership, but they are also found in library collections throughout the West.

A list of all Brand Books from earliest to latest can be found here.


The Los Angeles Corral of the Westerners publishes occasional offerings on a wide range of subjects. Our Keepsakes typically appear as small-format booklets of greater length than our quarterly Branding Iron, but of many fewer pages than our much longer Brand Books.

You can visit the page for this publication here.

The Branding Iron

The Branding Iron is the quarterly historical publication of the Los Angeles Corral of The Westerners. It began in 1947 as The Brand Book, but after five issues was re-named The Branding Iron. It features articles on the history of Los Angeles, Southern California, and the West, along with book reviews, and news about the Corral and its members. Many of the articles were written by noted scholars and local historians. The early numbering is not consecutive because other Corral publications including some Keepsakes, were originally included along with the quarterly.

You can visit the page for this publication here.