The Westerners Brand Book #7 (1957)

W.W. Robinson, Editor

Brand Book 7


  • Horse of Another Color. Story of the Appaloosa Horse – W.H. Hutchinson
  • A Charles Russell Sketchbook
  • Ice Age Westerners – M.R. Harrington
  • Fremont at the Signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga – Dwight Franklin
  • Dora Hand, Dance Hall Singer of Old Dodge City – Earle R. Forrest
  • Attack on Castle James – Carl W. Breihan
  • Old Fort Union Stirs to Life – Harry C. James
  • Kootenai Brown, Squaw Man – Harlan Thompson
  • Prelude to the Lincoln County War. The Murder of John Henry Tunstall – Philip J. Rasch
  • California Lithographs: 19th Century Prints from the Robert B. Honeyman, Jr. Collection – Warren R. Howell and Laura R. White
  • Saddle-Trees – Bob Robertson
  • Kearny: Solider of the West – Dwight L. Clarke
  • Only Known Copies of Emigrant Guides – Glen Dawson
  • The Doctor in Early Los Angeles – Harvey E. Starr
  • The Books of Oregon History – Webster A. Jones
  • Narrow Gauge Railroads of Colorado – Marion A. Speer
  • The Genesis of “Arizona Charlie” – Don Meadows
  • The Westerners, A Monograph History of All the Corrals and Posses – J.E. Reynolds
  • The Fabulous Greathouse Brothers – George E. Fullerton
  • Juana Maria, Sidelights on the Indian Occupation of San Nicholas Island – Arthur Woodward
  • Wife at Port Isabel: A Pioneer Woman’s Colorado River Letters – Frank S. Dolley

475 copies were printed.

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