The Westerners Brand Book #6 (1956)

Arthur H. Clark, Jr., Editor

Brand Book 6


  • An Exile on the Colorado – Robert Glass Cleland
  • Louis Akin, Artist of Old Arizona – Earle R. Forrest
  • A Man Named Antrim – Philip J. Rasch
  • California’s Fantastic Medical Profession – J.B. and C.M. Saunders
  • Gold Canyon, Birthplace of the Comstock – Bert Olson
  • Elias Jackson “Lucky” Baldwin – Carey S. Bliss
  • Rancho Santa Anita – Percy L. Bonebrake
  • T.S. Harris – Muir Dawson
  • I Bought Buffalo Bones – M.I. McCreight
  • Lost Words – Arthur Woodward
  • Conditions in Baja California: The Indian Problem, 1824, Economic Problems, 1824 – Charles N. Rudkin
  • Adobe in California – Mark R. Harrington
  • Exit John Wesley Hardin – Robert R. Dykstra
  • A Ghost Town’s Strange Drama, The Story of Harrisburg, Arizona – Louis and Fullen Artrip
  • The Southwest Museum

400 copies were printed.

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