The Westerners Brand Book #24 (2020)

Aloha Amigos!
Brian Dervin Dillon, Editor



Los Angeles Corral Brand Book 24, Aloha, Amigos! Is the Richard H. Dillon Memorial Volume. Dick Dillon (1924-2016) was a world-famous western historian, librarian, teacher, and public speaker. He was the single most productive historical writer on California and the American West, who published dozens of full-length books, hundreds of scholarly journal and popular magazine articles, and thousands of book reviews over a longer period of time (82 years) than any other writer. Richard H. Dillon was a long-time member of both the Los Angeles and the San Francisco Corrals of Westerners International, and was made a W.I. Living Legend in 2003.

Aloha Amigos! Won the Westerner’s International Best Book Award in 2021. It features the first ever biography of Richard H. Dillon, culture-historical studies and paeans by his friends, colleagues, and admirers, and the first comprehensive bibliography of his published works. Contributors from four different Westerners International corrals include Will Bagley, Peter Blodgett, John Boessenecker, Matthew Boxt, Phil Brigandi, Robert Chandler, David Dary, James Delgado, Brian D. Dillon, Lynn Downey, Abraham Hoffman, Tommy Killion, Gary Kurutz, Valerie Sherer Mathes, James Shuttleworth, Kevin Starr, and Francis J. Weber. Brian Dervin Dillon, editor; hardbound, illustrated, 588 pages, 2020. To order: please use the multi-volume order form following this notice.


    • Foreword — Kevin Starr

I: Biographical

    • Duke Lopez in Sausalito (1924-1943) — Brian Dervin Dillon
    • The Perfesser with his Uncle Samuel (1943-1946) — Brian Dervin Dillon
    • Sutro Dick, the Kid in the Candy Store (1946-1959) — Brian Dervin Dillon
    • Dick Dillon, the Literary Alchemist (1959-1979) — Brian Dervin Dillon
    • Aloha, Amigos! the Latest Word from RHD (1979-2016) — Brian Dervin Dillon
    • RHD Biographical Notes, Bibliography, Appendices — Brian Dervin Dillon

II: Culture-Historical Contributions

    • Late Prehistory at La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico — Matthew A. Boxt
    • California’s Twelve “Apostles” — Francis J. Weber
    • Later Travel on the Southern Emigrant Trail — Phil Brigandi
    • Black Rights and Squelched Secessionists in California — Robert J. Chandler
    • San Francisco’s Old Ship Saloon — James P. Delgado
    • Helen Hillyer Brown, the Comstock and Beyond — Lynn Downey
    • The Pacific Mail Steamship Line — James Shuttleworth
    • The Women’s National Indian Association in Northern California — Valerie Sherer Mathes

III: Paeans

    • Historian, Librarian, and Biblio-Friend — Gary Turner and Tami Turner-Revel
    • Postcards from Dick Dillon — David Dary
    • Dillonography — John Boessenecker
    • Richard H. Dillon, Book Reviewer — Abraham Hoffman
    • Richard H. Dillon as Documentary Editor — Peter J. Blodgett
    • Historian’s Historian — Will Bagley

IV: Dick Dillon’s Literary Legacy

    • Richard H. Dillon’s Published Works — Brian Dervin Dillon

V: About the ContributorsVI: The Los Angeles Corral

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