The Westerners Brand Book #23 (2019)

Life, Leisure and Entertainment in the Old West
Joseph Cavallo, Editor



Los Angeles Corral Brand Book 23, Life, Leisure, and Entertainment in the Old West was the first Los Angeles Corral Brand Book to appear after a very long, 15-year, hiatus. It re-established the Los Angeles Corral as a literary leader amongst Westerners International organizations around the world. Its ten chapters are on topics as diverse as Wild West shows, Hollywood’s take on the “old west,” a multicultural review of western music spanning four centuries, prostitution in far-western timberlands, even motorcycle racing more than a century ago.
Contributors include Carla Laureen Bollinger, Joseph Cavallo, Paul F. Clark, Brian Dervin Dillon, Mark Hall-Patton, Abraham Hoffman, Deke Keasbey, Gary Turner and Tami Turner-Revel, and Kiara M. Vigil. Joseph Cavallo, editor; hardbound, illustrated, 309 pages, 2019.


  • Preface — Joseph Cavallo
  • Life & Leisure in Early Los Angeles 1860-1910 — Deke Keasbey
  • California Musical Traditions 1542-1923 — Brian Dervin Dillon
  • The Wild West Got Wilder When The Circus, Wild West Shows, Rodeos, and Vaudeville Came to Town — Carla Laureen Bollinger
  • William S. Hart   Actor and Author — Abraham Hoffman
  • Medicine Men and Snake Oil Salesmen who Entertained and Cure-Alls that did Not Cure — Gary Turner and Tami Turner-Revel
  • Early Museums in the West — Mark Hall-Patton
  • Roaring into the 20th Century, Early Outdoor Motorcycle Recreation in California — Paul F. Clark
  • Hollywood’s Indian: A Cultural History of Native American Actors — Kiara M. Vigil
  • The Iverson Movie Ranch: An Historic Hollywood Studio Zone Location — Carla Laureen Bollinger
  • Red Cloud, California: All The Best Bad Things Obtainable — Brian Dervin Dillon
  • Biographical Sketches — The Contributors

350 copies were printed.

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