The Westerners Brand Book #22 (2004)

John W. Robinson, Editor

Brand Book 22


  • The California Missions – Francis J. Weber
  • Death in a Comic Opera: the Alta California Rebellion Against Governor Manuel Victoria, 1831 – Patricia Adler-Ingram
  • Some Early Angelinos – Christie Bourdet
  • The Last Lynching in Los Angeles County: The Incident at Workman Mill – Paul R. Spitzzeri
  • The Sonora Road – John W. Robinson
  • The Pico House: Los Angeles’ First Grand Hotel – Robert W. Blew
  • Richard Garvey, 1838-1930 – Rosa M. Keehn
  • From Other Lands: Ethnic Angelinos Worth Knowing – Gloria Ricci Lothrop
  • Guardians of the Forest – Paul H. Rippens
  • The Legend of Thaddeus Lowe’s Cannon – Michael Patris
  • Sister Aimee and Fighting Bob: Religious Rivals in 1920s Los Angeles – Abraham Hoffman
  • From Footsteps to Flying Machines – Maggie Sharma
  • Municipal Auto Camps – Willis Osborne

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