The Westerners Brand Book #18 (1991)

The Bidwell-Bartleson Party.

1841 California Emigrant Adventure.

The Documents and Memoirs of Overland Pioneers

Doyce B. Nunis, Jr., Editor

Brand Book 18


  • A Journey to California, 1841: The Journal Account of John Bidwell
  • California 1841: An Immigrant’s Recollections of a Trip Across the Plains – John Bidwell
  • The First Emigrant Train to California – John Bidwell
  • Statement of Historical Facts of California – Josiah Belden
  • Letter of Josiah Belden to his Sister, Mrs. Eliza M. Bowers
  • A Visit to California in Early Times – Col. J.B. Chiles
  • Narrative of Nicholas “Cheyenne” Dawson: Overland to California in 1841
  • Narrative of Charles Hopper, A California Pioneer of 1841
  • The Two Diaries of James John
  • The Recollections of Nancy Kelsey
  • An 1856 Letter by James P. Springer
  • The Recollections of Robert H. Thomas
  • Extracts from Three Letters by Pierre Jean DeSmet to his Superior
  • Narrative of the Rockies – Father Gregory Mengarini
  • Historical Notes – Father Nicholas Point
  • Narrative of a Tour from the State of Indiana to the Oregon Territory in the Years 1841-2 – Joseph Williams
  • The 1841 Overland Caravan: A Census Summary
  • Biographical Sketches of the 1841 California Overland Pioneers
  • Miscellaneous Documents

400 copies were printed.

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