The Westerners Brand Book #17 (1986)

Konrad F. Schreier, Jr., Editor

Brand Book 17


  • Before the Wheel – Indian Transportation B.C. – Richard W. Cunningham
  • The Empty Quarter – Richard F. Logan
  • The Far West Mail, 1849-1859 – Frank Q. Newton
  • Commerce in the Far West – A Selection of Early Advertising
  • Expresses: An American Enterprise – from Harper’s Magazine, 1875
  • Charles Crocker to Collis P. Huntington, 1883 – with comment by David F. Myrick
  • California: How to Get There and What to See – Charles Nordhoff (1872)
  • The Development of Public Transportation in Los Angeles – Donald E. Torguson
  • Interurbans and Land Values – Charles Alma Byers (1914)
  • Testing California’s Highways, 1919-1923 – Abraham Hoffman
  • A Chronological Perspective of the Far West – Konrad F. Schreier, Jr.

500 copies were printed.

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