The Westerners Brand Book #16 (1982)

Raymund F. Wood, Editor

Brand Book 16


  • Sunbathing in Southern California: an Historical Overview – Jayne Bernard
  • A Better Country in which to Settle: a Biographical Sketch of William Wolfskill – Willis Blenkinsop
  • The Indians and General Scott – Iron Eyes Cody
  • The Independence – 74: California’s Ship of the Line – Richard W. Cunningham
  • A Portfolio of Paintings – Andy Dagosta
  • Sixty Years of American Rodeo in England, 1887-1947 – Kristine Fredriksson
  • California, the Name: New Materials and Slants – John P. Harrington
  • Griffith Park’s Greatest Tragedy – Abraham Hoffman
  • The Ordeal of General Wright: a Study of Secessionist Sentiment in California, 1861-1864 – John W. Robinson
  • The Firm of Main & Winchester, Pioneer California Saddle Makers – Konrad F. Schreier, Jr.
  • The Northwest Mounted Police: the Early Years – Harlan Thompson
  • New Light on Peter Lebec – Walt Wheelock

500 copies were printed.

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