The Westerners Brand Book #12 (1966)

George Koenig, Editor

Brand Book 12


  • The Old West is Gone – George Koenig
  • Deserted Diggings – Ardis Manly Walker
  • Railroads of Arizona – David F. Myrick
  • California’s Gold Rush Churches – Clifford M. Drury
  • Death Valley’s Neglected Hero – E.I. Edwards
  • Mountain Men as Explorers – LeRoy R. Hafen
  • Edward S. Curtis: Photographer-Historian – Homer H. Boelter (with Lonnie Hull)
  • From Coso to Carricart – Sewell “Pop” Lofnick
  • Valley of the Two Stumps – Bert Olson
  • Thousand-tongued Destroyer: Fire! – Newton Baird
  • Hell’s Belles – Ron Miller
  • Literary Evolution of the “Wild West” in Germany – H.J. Stammel and Friedrich Gassman
  • The Life and Times of M.R. Harrington – Marie Harrington
  • Following Fremont’s Fifth Expedition – Walt Wheelock

500 copies were printed.

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