Rendezvous: Saturday, October 19, 2019

Location: 1763 Royal Oaks Drive North, Bradbury, CA
Time: 2:00 to 5:30 PM
Theme: A Stroll Down Memory Lane with the Old Folks at Home

Enjoy nine significant features at the Rendezvous this year!

    1. Visits with Good Friends
    2. Shopping for Old Books and Art
    3. Taking pictures with “Old Friends” – Vintage Cars
    4. Tours of Royal Oaks and Amy & Jim Macklin’s new home
    5. Enjoying an old-time buffet dinner by an award-winning Chef
    6. Singing old favorite tunes with TheBanjo Buddies
    7. Celebrate designation of Bill Warren as our 2019 Honored Guest and the Corral’s newest Honorary Member
    8. Valet parking provided just steps away
    9. You’ll be home by sundown! Or at least comin’ round the mountain!

Remember that the purpose of the Rendezvous is to raise money!  Help the Los Angeles Corral build the resources for its historical educational outreach and for its new technological initiatives. If you cannot attend, at least make a donation. 

The Rendezvous Fee is $50. Please make out your check for $50 to “Westerners, Los Angeles Corral,” or submit your payment online as EARLY AS YOU CAN but no later than one week before the Rendezvous date. Just log onto our website and go to the Members Only tab. Click on the Rendezvous Store option and follow the instructions. 

If you are paying by check, mail it to Ms. Therese Melbar, Registrar of Marks and Brands at 549 South Aldenville Avenue, Covina, CA 91723-2909. Late reservations or questions may be addressed to Therese via Email: tmelbar@cpp.eduor by telephone: (661) 343-9373.




Posted by Ann Shea, Deputy Sheriff

Future Los Angeles Corral Events

November 13, 2019        
Roundup and Annual Hat Night      
Stephen Gee on the Los Angeles City Hall

December 11, 2019
Roundup with Traditional Christmas Dessert
Cherries Jubilee and Installation of Trail Bosses for 2020

Travel Assistance to Our Fellow Members

Please keep in mind that some of our members can no longer drive or are uncomfortable driving on the freeways at night. If such members live in your area, please get in touch to see if they would come with you to the Roundups. Call Michele Clark, our Sunshine Wrangler, at (626) 822-1522 if you need a ride.

Books and Art Pieces for Sale (Updated List)

Once again, you can buy books, art pieces and other ephemera donated to the Corral. You can order items on the lists here. Contact Brian Dillon via email at  To view the items included in this year’s Book and Art Sale, click here.

Contact Ann Shea, Deputy Sheriff, at 13613 Barlin Avenue, Downey, CA 90242-5107 at or at (562) 408-6959 with any questions or news.