Dr. Kenneth Pauley

CURRENTLY WORKING ON:  An article for the Branding Iron entitled “Aviation in the West circa 1880-1920.”

NEEDS INFORMATION ON/FOR:  Anything related to early aviation history in Southern California

RECENT PRESENTATIONS:  He was the speaker for the November, 2011 Westerners meeting where he spoke on the topic “Samuel H. Colt – An American Icon.”

OTHER:  Dr. Pauley has done extensive research on the California missions.  He has made several presentations, including a 4-part presentation on “Weights and Measurements in California’s Mission Period.”  He has authored and co-authored many articles and books, including “From Victory to Vicissitude: Los Angeles in 1946” (Westerners), The California Missions – Then and Now (California Mission Press), and The 1910 Los Angeles International Air Meet (Arcadia Publications).  Dr. Pauley was also the editor of the Westerners, Los Angeles Corral Brand Book #20 in 1997.