2015 Event Photos

Taken by Patrick Mulvey, John Robinson Fellow

Patrick Mulvey is our Corral photographer and is the Los Angeles Westerners 2015-2016 John Robinson Fellow.

Patrick is a college student and his membership has been funded by Westerners. He has done a fabulous job taking photos of monthly meetings and events as well as other tasks. Westerners supports college students like Patrick and hope that others might apply to visit Westerners as well.

Please enjoy the photos below taken by Patrick. They are well done and really capture the spirit and appreciation of our Western heritage.


2015 – Fandango & Monthly Meetings

2015 – Rendezvous at the Rubel Castle and Monthly Meetings

2016 – January Roundup

2016 – February Roundup

2016 – March Roundup

2016 – April Roundup

2016 – May Roundup