The Westerners Brand Book #5 (1953)

Bert Olson, Editor

Brand Book 5


  • Paisanos are Rare Birds – W.W. Robinson
  • Mountain Men Who Came to California – LeRoy R. Hafen
  • The Emigrants’ Forty Mile Desert Trail through Nevada – Bert H. Olson
  • Towayalane, A Mesa with a History – Frederick Webb Hodge
  • The Last Voyage of the Politkofsky – Arthur Woodward
  • A Note on Henry Newton Brown – Philip J. Rasch
  • The Apache Kid – Percy L. Bonebrake
  • Books on Western Outlaws – Loring Campbell
  • The Covered Wagon – Lena W. Blakeney
  • Guns the Won the West – Bob Ellithorpe
  • Sacajawea, The Bird Woman – Tim McCoy
  • A Forgotten Capital of Baja California – Don Meadows
  • The Development of Music in the West – Frank Allen Hubbell
  • 1600 Mile Trip by Burro – Edwin F. Walker
  • Cattle Industry of the Hawaiian Islands – Robert A. “Billy” Dodson
  • Sequoyah, The Tree and the Man – Frank A. Schilling
  • The Los Angeles Corral of Westerners, 1947-1951 – Paul W. Galleher

400 copies were printed.

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