The Westerners Brand Book #4 (1951)

Paul Bailey, Editor

Brand Book 4


  • California’s First Gold, At the Potholes – Harold O. Weight
  • War and Peace in California (1848-1850) – Neal Harlow
  • Western Express, A Study in Gold Rush Communications – Henry H. Clifford
  • The Songs They Sang – Arthur Woodward
  • Los Angeles in the Roistering Fifties – W.W. Robinson
  • The Imperial Valley and its Approaches – Frank Schilling
  • Names on Cows – Don Louis Perceval
  • Custer’s Battle Flags – W.A. Graham
  • Old Dan DuBois – Frederick Webb Hodge
  • Seth Jesse Griffin, Pioneer Gentile in Zion – A.R. VanNoy
  • Chief Tendoy of the Bannacks – Warren F. Lewis
  • Judge Carter and Old Fort Bridger – Edgar N. Carter
  • A Boy’s Life on the Bell Ranch – Marion A. Speer
  • Funeral of an Arizona Cowboy – Earle R. Forrest
  • A Lass the Loved the Soldiers: Belle Peoria – Joseph Mills Hanson

400 copies were printed.

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