The Westerners Brand Book #2 (1949)

Paul Galleher, Editor

Brand Book 2


  • The Butterfield Overland Mail – Roscoe P. Conkling
  • An Interpretation of California’s Golden Era – Rodman Paul
  • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo – Carl Schaefer Dentzel
  • Al Sieber, Chief of Apache Scouts – Frank A. Schilling
  • Gun Toting in the Old West – Dwight Franklin
  • Charles M. Russell – Homer E. Britzman
  • Reprint Americana – Karl Yost
  • In and Around Old Placerita Canyon – Bert H. Olson
  • The Sun Clan of the Hopi – Ernest V. Sutton
  • California and its Place Among the Wine Nations – Marcus Esketh Crahan
  • Some Collectors of Western Americana – Glen Dawson
  • Holy Smoke. A Dissertation on the Utah War – Paul Bailey
  • Sgt. Neil Erickson and the Apaches – C.B. Benton
  • Two Military Outposts in Arizona – Frank A. Schilling
  • Up the Green River – Arthur Woodward
  • The Bad Lands Cowboy – Merrell A. Kitchen

400 copies were printed.


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