The Westerners Brand Book #15 (1978)

Anthony L. Lehman, Editor

Brand Book 15


  • Does California Have a Spanish Heritage? – Richard F. Pourade
  • Mara: The Desert Oasis of Twentynine Palms – Ronald Dean Miller
  • The Day the Transcontinental Train Came to Los Angeles – Raymond F. Wood
  • The Constitutional Convention of 1878-1879 – Kenneth M. Johnson
  • Poor Tom Cover – Dan L. Thrapp
  • Burt Procter: Westerners, Portrayer of People and Art – Allen Williett
  • Of People and Art – Burt Procter
  • Women and the Western Frontier: The Untold Saga of Three Southern California Heroines – Gloria Ricci Lothrop
  • Railway to the Skies – John W. Robinson
  • Sunkist’s Southland – Jo Beth Jacobs
  • Fact and Fiction in the Owens Valley Water Controversy – Abraham Hoffman
  • The Ning Po, A Fabled Chinese Junk in Southern California Waters, 1895 – Anna Marie and Everett G. Hager
  • An Artist’s View of Los Angeles, 1895 to 1959 – Tom McNeill
  • Frederick Jackson Turner in Southern California – Ray Allen Billington

1,000 copies were printed.

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