November 2012 Roundup: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Join the Westerners Los Angeles Corral for the November 2012 Roundup, Wednesday, November 14, 2012, at Almansor Court, 700 South Almansor, Alhambra, California.

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Social Hour will begin at 5PM, with Dinner served at 6PM.

Our speaker will be Phil Brigandi, and his topic is entitled The Death Valley Chuck-Walla, Startling the Uninitiated.

For more information:

During the Death Valley mining boom in the early 20th century, stock promotion was key, as investors from the East poured their money into the ground. To attract these investors, mine promoters worked hard to build up the image of the dark and foreboding Valley of Death through newspapers and magazines. The Death Valley Chuck-Walla, published at the ill-fated copper camp of Greenwater in 1907, is one of the best examples of these lurid mining camp magazines.

Our own Los Angeles Corral Westerners member, historian, editor, author, and lecturer extraordinaire, Phil Brigandi, will trace the rise and fall of the Chuck-Walla, and share stories from Greenwater’s frantic boom. Phil began his Death Valley research in the 1980s, and became friends with the family of Chuck -Walla co-publisher C.E. Kunze. He has previously spoken on the Chuck-Walla (and Death Valley promotional newspapers in general) at the Death Valley History Conference and the Death Valley ’49ers author’s breakfast.

Phil has prepared and Westerners has published a special, limited edition, Westerners Keepsake giving a brief history of the Death Valley Chuck-Walla and a selection of some of its best articles. This rare edition booklet will only be distributed to members and guests attending this November Round-Up meeting.

Joe Cavallo, Deputy Sheriff

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