Branding Irons – The Entire Collection

The Westerners Branding Irons, our flagship publication since 1947, is now made even more easy to use, to search and to read.

In this publication there are nearly 4,000 pages of significant material on those Western history subjects “which members have been able to assemble by diligent research, recording items of Western History that might not otherwise by preserved” (LA Corral Range Rules Foreword).

The file is easily searchable using Google or Google Chrome by searching for specific terms or strings of text.  To do this, download the file, open it using any compatible Adobe .pdf reader, and press CTRL + F on your keyboard.  A box should appear in which you can enter your desired search.

To download the complete .pdf file. click here.  (Note that it is a a large file.)

To download .pdf segments of the entire corpus, select one of the following (each file is approximately 700 pages):

Spring 1947-Summer 1967

Summer 1967-Fall 1979

Spring 1980-Fall 2001

Spring 2002-Spring 2015

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