Roundup: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Almansor Court – 700 S. Almansor, Alhambra, CA.
Social Hour: 5:00 PM
Dinner: 6:00 PM

Our Speaker: Jeff Lapides, a member presenting for the first time since joining the Corral 
His Subject: Passage to Eldoardo: The Pioneering Photographs of the Mojave Road by Rudolph d’Heureuse in 1863

GOLD! SILVER! And those seeking their fortunes—at a time of the Civil War, tense relations among white settlers, Hispanics and Native Americans, military exploits, salacious news accounts, greed—and one German immigrant with a camera.

Rudolph d’Heureuse—surveyor, cartographer, civil engineer, mining engineer, oenologist, inventor—who on one momentous journey photographed the Mojave Road in the Desert West from the waters of the Pacific Ocean to the banks of the Colorado River and the mines of Eldorado Canyon in today’s Nevada. His subjects included San Bernardino, Cajon Pass, and Los Angeles’s seaport, New San Pedro (Wilmington). He did it in 1863, many years before anyone else took the next photo of the desert, its environs, miners, travelers, forts, soldiers, watering holes, and crossroads.

Jeff Lapides is a photographer and a book designer for John W. Robinson and other historians.  This Roundup presentation will be his first since he joined the Los Angeles Corral in 2016. Jeff is actively involved in the history communities in Sierra Madre, where he lives, and the San Gabriel Valley.  Jeff is an award-winning book designer with over 25 years of graphic arts experience.  Books that he designed have won several national design awards. He specializes in the preservation and promotion of history.  You may find him on occasion at Lizzie’s Trail Inn, in good spirits, supporting the efforts of the Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society.

Posted by Jim Macklin, Deputy Sheriff

Future Los Angeles Corral Events

September 12, 2018
The Santa Fe Railway
David R. Gunther

October 20 2018
Saturday afternoon at the Workman & Temple Homestead Museum

Dinner Fees, Reservations & Meal Choices

The Roundup Dinner Fee is $40 including ample, convenient and free parking. The dinner choices for this Roundup are beef, fish and vegetarian. The beef will be grilled sliced top sirloin slow roasted with a savory wild mushroom sauce.  The chef’s fish choice will be baked Atlantic salmon with almonds in a tasty cream sauce.   On August 8th, the vegetarian dinner will be penne pasta with a garlic cream sauce and what the chef, attempting to make the choice sound appealing, calls a “bouquet” of vegetables including carrots, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and green beans.  It’s beyond my comprehension that anyone would choose this sad dinner, but there are always a couple of people who do.  Luckily, they will get the same dessert as the rest of us.  In this case, dessert is that dependable old favorite strawberry shortcake.

Please choose your entrée and make out your check for $40 to “Westerners, Los Angeles Corral,” or submit your payment online as EARLY AS YOU CAN but no later than one week before the Roundup date.  Just log onto our website and go to the Members Only tab.  Click on the Roundup Store option and follow the instructions.  Walk-ins can be served, but entrée choices will be limited to what is on hand.  The “late price” is now $45.00.

PLEASE NOTE:  Lately there have been a flood of late reservations – up to 30% of the total!  This makes coordination with the folks at the Almansor regarding dinner choices, number of tables, etc. very difficult.  You’ve probably noticed our adding a table or squeezing in last minute place settings at already full tables.  Please, please get your reservations in on a timely basis by Thursday before the event.  Of course, Therese will continue to do her best to respond positively to walk-ins!

If you are paying by check, mail it to Ms. Therese Melbar, Registrar of Marks and Brands at 549 South Aldenville Avenue, Covina, CA 91723-2909. Late reservations or questions may be addressed to Therese via Email: or by telephone (661) 343-9373.

Travel Assistance to Our Fellow Members 

Please keep in mindthat some of our members can no longer drive or are uncomfortable about driving on the freeways at night.  If there are such members living in your area, please get in touch to see if they would come with you to the Roundups.  Call Michele Clark, our Sunshine Wrangler at (626) 822-1522 if you need a ride.

Congratulations to Us All!

Bonney MacDonald, the Chair of The Westerners International, called to inform us that our Corral has been chosen for the following 2017 awards:

The Heads Up Award as Outstanding Large Corral (Second year in a row!)

The Fred Olds Poetry Awards – First Place to Tim Heflin and Second Place to Barbara Goldeen (Barbara officially joined us just last year but was a big winner on her first try!)

Coke Wood Awards for Best Published Article – First Place to Bob Chandler and Third Place to Brian Dillon (Brian’s 7th consecutive Coke Wood Award)

Case-Watson Best Book Award – Third Place to Robert Dykstra for Dodge City and the Birth of the Wild West

Congratulations to all our winners! (Bob Chandler and Robert Dykstra are actually from other corrals but also joined the Los Angeles Corral recently.)  Thanks to Brian Dillon, Gary Turner and others who worked on the nominations packages we sent in earlier this year!

Contact Jim Macklin, Deputy Sheriff, at 1221 Greenfield Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91006-4148, at or (626) 446-6411 with any questions or news items.